Clinical Waste Pedal Bins – are they a fire hazard?

Surprised to see the British Bins site advertising a 70 ltr open frame/free-standing clinical waste pedal bin. Isn’t it long over that these were replaced with something better?70-ltr-openframe-clinical-bin yellow lid.jpg

All metal lids are noisy and disturb patients and others, especially at night. British Bins advertise soft close mechanism as an optional extra but surely these should be a standard feature for every bin using in hospitals, care homes etc and not an option for the few who put concerns of patient welfare above £££s.

And as far as these open frame bins are concerned, it is my understanding that the NHS Fire Code forbids these as a potential fire risk compared to those which are fully enclosed. I have never known of a fire arising in a single waste sack on a ward, but I’m told the greater concern is the risk propagation of an existing fire when the bag and its contents then catch fire.



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