Packaging firm recognised for waste container made from recycled plastics

Packaging solutions company Mauser Packaging has launched a medical waste container made from 100% recycled plastics generated from post-consumer packaging waste. The product, WIVA Infinity Container, was recognised by receiving third prize in the 2018 NENnovation Award presented by the Dutch Standardisation Institute NEN.

Mauser Packaging Solutions collaborated with QCP (Quality Circular Polymers) and SUEZ to develop new recycling plastics suitable to meet the standards applicable for packaging designed to handle healthcare risk waste. The new product was successfully tested according to the United Nations Dangerous Goods protocols.

The product was recognised by NEN for reducing the carbon footprint as well as making use of household plastic waste.

Axel Schaefer, head of product management for Mauser’s international packaging division, said: “Having installed recycling centres in the United States, Brazil and Europe, Mauser Packaging Solutions can generate high-quality post-industrial resin to manufacture a wide range of industrial packaging with a significantly lower carbon footprint.”


All good stuff and we should continue applaud this continued development. At the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum we have been proposing the increased use of recycled plastics for clinical waste bins and even waste sacks. Samples we have examined are as good as any others, so why not? The Environment Agency, in particular one of their more senior staff who loved to dictate and impose his own ideology without a shred of evidence, even less shame, and absolutely no shame in promoting companies close to him at the expense of others, said no.  Well, so much for the environment!


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