Box marked ‘Property of NHS suppliers’ dumped

A green box marked ‘Property of NHS suppliers’, dumped by fly-tippers on some Radcliffe wasteland close to residential properties, sparked concerns of clinical wastes when spotted by residents.

Flytipping NHS box

The box appears typical of those used extensively by individual hospitals and Trusts, and by NHS supplies.

A Cross Lane resident said the site is frequently blighted by discarded rubbish but he had never before seen anything identified as belonging to the NHS left there.

Bury Council sent workers to attend the patch of land, close to Cross Lane, who confirmed the green crate was empty and the rubbish was mainly domestic waste.

A spokesman for the local Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said green storage crates, identical to the one pictured, have not been used by the NHS for a decade.

Though that might be an explanation based less on accuracy and more of defence since it is common to find these boxes used throughout all hospitals where they serve a useful purpose, for storage and goods movement. However, it is equally likely that these bins find their way out of the hospital to find a new life in lofts and cupboards, and in the garden shed!

It’s a similar problem with waste sacks. Black sacks disappear regularly. Of more concern is the pilfering of orange, yellow and Tiger bags for domestic use. Placed out for collection as domestic waste overflow, or simply by those too tight fisted to buy their own, this creates huge problems for community waste collection teams.

Regrettably, it’s invariably an inside job. GP clinic employees and hospital staff regularly pilfer these waste sacks intended for clinical and for sanitary/offensive wastes, and as we have noted many times previously their appearance outside houses owes more to pilfering that to domiciliary clinical waste production.




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