sharps bin

Though it would be unthinkable to wish a sharps or needlestick injury on anyone, there is just a hint of poetic justice in the report from the Exeter Express and […]

A number of Rotary Clubs in Mongolia and the United States and grant makers, collaborate to purchase locally made sharps containers (biohazard boxes for sharp medical waste) made in Mongolia […]

There are now two British healthcare team members repatriated from Sierra Leone having suffered sharps or needlestick incidents while caring for patients in the Ebola outbreak there. Above all, we […]

When you have to go, finding a public toilet can be a problem. There might be some signage but if not pop into a department store or railway station. But […]

Disneyworld Orlando attracts millions of visitors from the US and elsewhere. With other Disneyworld outlets it is a major global brand and must accept that some of its visitors will […]

Blenkharn Environmental have previously published the detail results of nationwide audits of clinical waste (including sharps) collections for domiciliary producers and of discarded drug litter by and on behalf of […]

Dozens of used medical needles scattered along a Long Beach street next to a youth handball court were removed Sunday by a Nassau hazardous-materials team. The syringes were found by […]

A toddler who may have suffered a needlestick injury while playing in a medical centre, has been awarded €10,000. In September 2007, 18-month-old Callum Wynne and his brother had been in the […]