URGENT: Comment on RedR Healthcare Waste Presentation for NHS Staff assisting Ebola Outbreak

RedR are a group providing practical waste management training to NHS workers on their way to deal with the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

WasteAid is part of an Ebola Waste Working Group sharing knowledge around the subject of Ebola waste management. Below is a Dropbox link to a presentation that will be given to them. We would be grateful if this could be reviewed – are there any omissions, other examples of appropriate best practice, that should be mentioned?

They have also asked for any specific comments around:

  1. if anyone has come across improved PPE performance in term of durability of shift (now is 1 hour at best) to reduce waste arisings
  2. any examples fireproof/heat resistant PPE for waste workers operating small field incinerators
  3. any examples of improved portable incinerators in terms of capacity, loading door size, emissions, bearing in mind field appropriateness (no electricity required, ease of use by local staff, spare parts availability).


Please feel free to contact Olmo directly.

Best regards and many thanks in anticipation of your help

on behalf of, Mike Webster Chair, WasteAid UK





Olmo Forni
Research Consultant

Disaster Waste Recovery
Tel: +44 (0)7549 269546
e-mail: olmo@disasterwaste.org






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