International technical medical waste expert consultant

Location :Home-based
Application Deadline :19-Mar-13
Type of Contract :Individual Contract
Post Level :International Consultant
Languages Required : English
Duration of Initial Contract :estimated March 2013 – December 2013
Expected Duration of Assignment :approximately 15 working days


A Project preparation grant (PPG) – as per GEF terminology – has been approved as funding is required to finalise the Full-size project (FSP) for an Africa Regional healthcare Waste project. This FSP would start in 2014. The project on “Reducing UPOPs and Mercury Releases from the Health Sector In Africa” will focus on 4 countries, as per the approval of the GEF Council: Ghana, Madagascar, Tanzania and Zambia. The PPG is necessary in order to refine the project’s objectives, outcomes, and outputs as well as the work plan, budget and timeline for each of the five project components. The PPG grant will be applied to finance consultations, assessments and assistance provided by national project consultants and technical experts, for the purpose of improving baseline scenario mapping, further defining the project activities, determining an appropriate execution modality, securing co-financing resources, and ensuring the cost-effectiveness and global benefits of the project.

The PPG’s budget is USD 200,000 and it is aimed to be completed by December 2013. The PPG and the FSP are under the Chemicals focal area as it relates to POPs which are covered by the Stockholm Convention, and will also aim at reducing mercury usage in the medical sector. As details of the administrative aspects of the project’s design are scrutinized, an appropriate project execution modality for the FSP will be finalized. The project concept for the FSP was approved (PIF) as well for a total amount of nearly USD 6.5 million and would start, if endorsed by the GEF, in 2014.

The objective of this contract is to be the International technical medical waste expert consultant (ITE) during the PPG phase while the project documents for GEF and UNDP are being coordinated by the Project Document Coordinating Consultant (PDCC). The ITE will support the work of and report to the PDCC in all technical matters and will work in close coordination with the PDCC. The ITE will be under supervision of the Project Manager with project formulation oversight in the Bratislava regional centre (BRC) of UNDP. for further details


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