Women in waste

Rosie the RiveterIn academia, there is a strong and now well-established process to support women in science, but what about women in waste?

Waste & Recycling News is once again running a scheme where readers can vote for their chosen Woman in Waste,  for the so-called Rosie Awards, alongside other award schemes including Best Places to Work award, Driven to Excellence award, Garage of Fame award, Green Corporate Citizen award, Person of the Year award, Rising Stars, and Green City award.

Well done WRN. All excellent ideas.

As noted by WRN, more and more women are leading their companies, customers and municipalities to new levels of innovation, productivity and profitability. It is time to honor them. These are women in the recycling, waste and sustainability industries who inspire greatness with their leadership, work ethic, vision, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The best of the nominees will receive the first-ever Rosie Awards, named in honor of Rosie the Riveter, the iconic and enduring symbol of the power of the American woman.



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