Waste security?

Tiger stripe bags left outside a London branch of Boots the Chemist in the early morning of 21st April were not only still there today, 26th April, a full 4 days later, but had grown in number!

Tiger at Boots + 4 daysPerhaps it was placed there by the staff of Boots the Chemist or by their neighbours, a private medical and dental clinic, who believe that this is acceptable. Perhaps by placing the waste at the base of a tree makes it somehow safe and secure?

Since the company does not properly manage its own waste management operations, one might hope that the street scene wardens of the Local Authority would take the appropriate steps to prevent this breach. Perhaps even the Environment Agency would act, but don’t hold your breath for that!

Waste collection disruption and resceduling over Bank holiday weekends is always problematic, but dealing with the revision of collection times and dates are not beyond the wit of even the most gormless of shop or clinic staff. And, of course, the answer is NOT to dump your Tiger strip bags, or any other wastes, on the pavement and leave them there over the wekend.

Shame on them. Perhaps they would like to comment.

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