Woman furious as ‘hazardous medical waste’ left outside her home for almost a WEEK

A Sheffield woman has criticised the city council for failing to clear up ‘hazardous’ medical waste from outside her home for nearly a week.

Retired nurse Patricia Cuddihy, who is a council tenant in the Graves Trust Homes on Greenhill Avenue, Meadowhead, said disposable gloves, aprons and dressings discarded outside the properties were left for nearly a week despite repeatedly reporting the waste to the council.

Medical waste has been discarded ion  Greenhill Avenue, Meadowhead

The 65-year-old said she suspects the medical waste may have been discarded by people visiting elderly tenants. She contacted the council to remove the items last Tuesday because of fears over the spread of coronavirus during the pandemic.

She said that despite being assured the issue would be prioritised as ‘urgent’, she had to repeatedly call to check when it would be removed and was passed ‘from pillar to post’ as she attempted to report the issue.


Regrettably, this is happening all over the country and is especially obvious around supermarkets and railway stations. The infection risk is actually negligible, but the presence of the wastes really does deserve some regulatory input and stiff fines for those responsible, and censure for those tasks with removal of litter who fail to provide a service.

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