NHS Waste Operative job

New post available now for a clinical waste porter or, if you really want, an Operative!

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£9.45 per hour
Sunderland, Tyne And Wear
Temporary, full-time or part-time

Duties and Responsibilities of the Post:

Clinical Professional and/or Technical Responsibilities

1. Carry out the collection of clinical and “Special” waste from specific departments e.g. cytoxic waste, foetal and human waste, sharps and pharmacy waste.
2. Prior to transfer introduce a gel-agent into containers of body fluids to solidify and ensure safe transport for incineration.
3. Have a Duty of Care responsibility (Environmental Protection Act) for clinical waste whilst in transit and ensure that the waste does not escape from its method of containment and that all Statutory Regulations are observed.
4. In the event of a spillage be responsible for cleaning up the effected area in the prescribed manner.


1. Observe all recognised precautions and undertake training where necessary to learn new techniques.
2. Provide on the job training for all staff involved in similar duties.
3. Advise staff in other disciplines of correct procedures and responsibilities.
4. Using PDA equipment to carry out duties
5. Using computers to carry out online training
6. Answering telephone at help desk and responding to customer enquiries


1. Carry out the routine collection of clinical waste from wards and departments of NHS under the direction of Waste Management Charge hand
2. Manage own workloads under the direction and with the approval of Waste Management Charge hand
3. Maintain agreed standards whilst reporting any slippages and identifying any improvements.

Health, Safety and Security

  • To report any incidents, accidents and near misses in accordance with the Trust Incident Policy.
  • To maintain safe clinical practice in diagnosis and treatment (clinical staff only).
  • To ensure own safety and the safety of all others who may be affected by the Trust’s business.
  • To comply with all Trust policies and procedures to protect the health, safety and welfare of anyone affected by the Trust’s business.
  • To comply with the Trust Risk Management Strategy and Directorate/Department clinical and health andsafety policies and procedures.
  • To ensure that equipment provided for the protection of health and safety is maintained and used appropriately
  • To comply with emergency procedures relevant to your particular Directorate/Department.
  • To attend all Mandatory Training with regard to fire, health and safety, manual handling and control of infection.
  • To ensure that all operatives have and are using PPE provided to them correctly.
  • Driving Vehicles and ensuring vehicles are used appropriately and all faults, accidents are reported

Quality/Clinical Governance

  • To be aware of the principles of clinical governance and understand what the benefits for patients and staff
  • To understand the clinical governance structure within the Trust and how you may be involved.
  • To participate in clinical governance activities within the Trust and where applicable across organisational
  • To ensure that you continuously look for ways to improve the quality of the service or care you provide to
    patients or other services/departments, where appropriate.
  • To explore ways to involve and consult with patients, public and carers when developing or evaluating
    services or the care you provide, where appropriate.
  • To participate in clinical audit activity where appropriate, involving other professions/disciplines.
  • To ensure patient confidentiality is maintained at all times and that you do not access patient related
    information (either electronic or paper based) which you do not need during the course of your work.
  • To comply with the procedure for handling any requests under the Freedom of Information Act thereby
    ensuring that they are dealt with in a timely, specific and confidential manner.
  • Ensure the risk of infection to you, colleagues, patients, relatives & visitors is minimised by:
    1. Being familiar with & adhering to Trust policies; guidance on infection prevention & control;
    2. Attending Trust Induction & mandatory training programmes in infection prevention & control;
      Including infection prevention & control as an integral part of your continuous personal/professional
    3. Taking personal responsibility as far as is reasonably practicable, to help ensure that effective
      prevention & control of healthcare associated infections is embedded into everyday practice &
      applied consistently by you & your colleagues.
    4. Ensure you are familiar with and adhere to the Trust’s Safeguarding Children procedures and guidelines.
    5. Safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people up to the age of 18, in accordance with the Children Act 2004.
    6. Ensure you complete mandatory safeguarding awareness training relevant to your role


  • To provide services in a manner that enables all members of the community to access them, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, physical or mental disability and access appropriate services to their age and gender.
  • To undertake training to meet the requirements of your role.
  • To behave in a manner that respects the differing needs and cultures of other staff.
  • To actively participate in an Annual Appraisal and provide evidence to demonstrate achievements towards your Knowledge and Skills Framework.
  • To demonstrate the Trust’s core behaviours in delivering a quality service to both internal and external customers
  • To identify your development needs within the Annual Appraisal to ensure that any CPD requirements
    are achieved and demonstrated in practice.

Cordant Group is an equal opportunities employer

If you choose to apply, tell them that you saw this on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. And Good luck!

Oh, and also ask what on earth is the necessity for much of that Quality/Clinical Governance? It seems quite unnecessary.

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