Clinical Waste Operative

General operatives required for clinical waste recycling plant, Schotts. No manual handling Disposal of pre-segregated hospital waste products Adherence to high standards of hygiene essential. Hours of work: 4 on 4 […]

The majority of waste bins across the UK contain dangerous used PPE and ‘could put lives at risk’. That’s the suggestion from clinical waste collection company BusinessWaste, which suggests up […]

Unsafe waste handling in hospitals

Though we never hesitate to call out bad practice in waste handling across the commercial sector, those tasked with clinical waste management within healthcare establishments too often slip under the […]

An ‘outcry’ has erupted over the disposal of hazardous waste as untrained NHS staff are ordered to deal with ‘clinical rubbish’ So screams the latest Daily Record headline. “Hundreds of staff […]

A one-off (and one on) purchase?

Sharps-proof or needlestick gloves are vitally important in safe healthcare waste management. Gloves should be appropriately sized and fit well. Between use, gloves should be aired, if necessary wiped with […]

Those in the commercial sector who provide clinical waste and related waste management services, and those in the healthcare sector responsible for ancillary and support staff, whether directly employed or as […]

Whether picking through domestic or trade garbage, or through untreated clinical wastes as we have reported on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum so many times previously, the risks of infection and […]

News today of a Manchester fireman has been handed a £5,000 payout after injuring himself putting on gloves at work! Bosses at Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFS) accepted the glove […]

Though the winder has <<so far>> been uncharacteristically mild, outbreaks of winter vomiting virus have been as frequent as ever. Hospitals have reported a substantial number of outbreaks, and these have […]

PPE for waste handlers

PPE for waste handlers is a somewhat thorny subject – many do not wear it, even when it is provided while others, many others, assume that a corporate sweatshirt or […]