Another healthcare waste-related fatality

Injuries involving healthcare wastes are fortunately uncommon but when they do occur they can be disastrous. Sharos injury and infections top the list but here is one that is, I assume, unique.

Penguin found dead on Brazilian beach after swallowing entire face mask during voyage from Patagonia, autopsy shows

  • An N95 mask was found inside the stomach of a Magellanic penguin in Brazil
  • It is thought it became lost from its group after migrating from Patagonia 
  • An autopsy found the mask inside the penguin as groups warn about disposal

The penguin has been found dead on a Brazilian beach after swallowing a whole face mask.

The N95 mask, used in industry and healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic, was found during an autopsy on the bird after its body was found on Juquehy Beach in Sao Sebastian, north of Sao Paulo.

The animal was a Magellanic penguin thought to have become lost from the rest of its group after migrating from Argentina’s southern Patagonian region.

A penguin (pictured) has died on a Brazilian beach after swallowing a whole black N95 face mask


This seems to be a first, but let’s hope it will be the last.


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