Covid-19 – Which hospital staff are important just now?

Physicians, anaesthetists, nurses? Perhaps surgeons, pharmacists, laboratory staff, radiologists and physiotherapists? They are all important and without them the service would crumble. So, which others are important just now, and for that matter important all of the time?

At Edinburgh’s coronavirus-hit Western General Hospital, around 20 porters have been told to self-isolate after one of their number tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Hospital porters’ duties range from moving patients to dealing with waste, as well as food and drink and are described as the “heartbeat of NHS hospitals”. Quite high too, though often overlooked and frequently ignored they are indispensable and like the hospital cleaning team not so easily replaced since agency employees might be I’m place within 24 hours but without the knowledge of what, how and where to fulfil the tasks required.

Good luck chaps, get well soon.

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