Writ filed at Appeal Court regarding import of clinical waste from UK

A writ petition has been filed at the Appeal Court seeking to issue an order instructing action to be taken against those responsible for importing clinical waste from the UK.

The Sri Lanka Customs Director General, Central Enviornment Authority and the Attorney General have been named as respondents to the petition which has been filed by the Centre for Enviornmental Justice (CEJ).

The petitioner argued that Sri Lanka’s enviornment is facing a threat of being adversely affected as a result of importing clinical waste to the country.

Accordingly, the enviornmental rights group said that an investigation must be carried out to identify the individuals involved behind importing these consignments.

Further, the petitioners also sought an interim order preventing the dumping of this waste at another area in the country.

Really?  If this is correct, someone is heading for serious trouble for exporting clinical wastes, that this rather brief report implies as untreated. More at http://www.sundaytimes.lk/article/1096066/writ-petition-filed-at-appeal-court-regarding-importation-of-clinical-waste-from-uk

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