Firm signed up to ‘solve’ Scottish healthcare waste crisis hit by red tape

It is alleged that hundreds of tons of healthcare wastes, including as the press and politicians will insist a veritable mountain of body parts,  have been stockpiled since collapse of HES in December. However, the company signed up to solve Scotland’s clinical waste crisis may not be able to begin its operation until autumn.

Spanish-based Tradebe has been lined up to take over the work while the Scottish Government relies on “contingency arrangements”. But Tradebe has said starting the contract before the end of the summer is “dependent on planning and environmental permits being approved”.

A spokesman said: “Planning and environmental permits have been submitted by Tradebe to start the contract on August 2.

“Contract start is dependent on planning and environmental permits being approved, without which NHS Scotland could remain in contingency beyond August 2.”

Let’s be honest, this is pathetic and you simply couldn’t imagine this in you worst nightmare! So much for regulators. If Scotland wants to go it alone and achieve devolution from the UK it will have to pull its Tartan finger out and do something positive to manage this and other crises that it makes.

Just don’t hold your breath, and don’t expect that their counterparts in England could do any better.


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