Adelaide mum petitions for secure sharps bin improvement

A mother whose daughter was cut by a used syringe when she put her hand on an open sharps deposit box says children remain at risk of contracting deadly diseases unless tighter controls are introduced by the State Government.

Simone Percy has started a petition — which has attracted 1400 signatures in two weeks — calling on the State Government to improve laws governing the minimum height, storage and maintenance of sharps containers in public places.


A great idea, so we much wish her good luck with the petition. What she is petitioning for is a little common sense, to provide secure sharps bins in locations where these are needed, but at a height suitable for use but out of reach from little hands. A secure bin holder should ideally accommodate a long drop to ensure that deposited items will fall effectively into the sharps bin within and not sit within reach of the aperture. Every location must be checked regularly and bins replaced to ensure they are never overfilled.

There are not new ideas at all, but clearly the lesson is not being learned, understood and properly enacted.




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