Motel needlestick horror

A Texas woman was treated at Cumberland Medical Center’s emergency room after lying down in bed and then being stuck in the hand by a used syringe, according to police […]

A toddler who may have suffered a needlestick injury while playing in a medical centre, has been awarded €10,000. In September 2007, 18-month-old Callum Wynne and his brother had been in the […]

The estimated rate of BBV transmission after sharps injury is widely publicised. For Hepatitis B Virus infections the risk is around 30%, for Hepatitis C 3% and for HIV infections around 0.3% risk. […]

It is now 9 months or so since a Northern Ireland hospital worker who suffered a sharps injury while handling a bag of clinical waste and feared life-threatening infection will be […]

We have previously discussed the wide diversity of infections that can be transmitted by sharps or needlestick injury. Last updated: Sunday, October 13, 2019

There is widespread misconception that sharps or needlestick infections are associated only with the bloodborne virus Hepatitis B and HIV, and that since no such infections have been recorded among waste […]

Discarded sharps

There are several legal and paralegal firms in the UK now getting wise to the high rate of sharps injury to healthcare professionals and others. They offer low-cost or no-win […]

I have recently proposed, via the CIWM Health & Safety Special Interest Group (SIG), production of a series of leaflets to cover a range of key risks and approaches to injury […]

A truck carrying medical waste rolled over on Route 4 in Torrington at Pothier Road, Connecticut, on Friday 10 December. Last updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2021

As the UK starts to shiver and snow falls, there is one aspect that impacts on clinical waste management and safety. Discarded sharps, usually a consequence of IV drug abuse, are […]

4 US middle school kids have been suspended for ‘stabbing’ 13 others with an insulin pen that one of them brought into school from their grandmothers home. Last updated: Thursday, […]