litter picking

We took a phone call last week from someone hoping to purchase a magnetic needle retriever featured in a recent Clinical Waste Discussion Forum post. Regrettably, at that time we could […]

There are now two British healthcare team members repatriated from Sierra Leone having suffered sharps or needlestick incidents while caring for patients in the Ebola outbreak there. Above all, we […]

By chance, we have come across a note circulated by the 412th Medical Group across the US Edwards Air Force base concerning safe disposal of personal sharps. No doubt the base […]

In the UK, we consider it a relatively straightforward process, to dispose used sharps into a compliant sharps bin and have these collected for approved incineration.  But not everyone finds […]

Litter pickers and those responding to finds of discarded drug litter know exactly how difficult it can be to find needles that might be hidden in the most unlikely of […]

A one-off (and one on) purchase?

Sharps-proof or needlestick gloves are vitally important in safe healthcare waste management. Gloves should be appropriately sized and fit well. Between use, gloves should be aired, if necessary wiped with […]

Ottawa is a lovely city. But it has it’s problems too. CBC News used the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act to obtain an extract of the database […]

Clinical wastes and indeed just about all other waste streams are managed poorly right across the Indian sub-continent. A good friend living and working in Goa tells tales of almost […]

There are many ways to manage drug litter. It is dangerous and unsightly, it raises fear in communities and can devalue land or indeed an entire community. It flags danger, […]