IV Drug addiction – one approach to needle disposal?

There are several ways to dispose of a used hypodermic needle, especially after being use to administer a DIY injection of illicit drugs?

This time, its Bangor in North Wales. Described as shocking footage, this video was taken on a drug-blighted estate, prompting calls for action from ‘disgusted’ families in the area

A man squats outside a block of flats in broad daylight and injects himself before casually throwing the needle in bushes.

The shock footage that highlights the scale of the drug problem on a troubled North Wales estate, reports the Daily Post.

The footage, taken through a window at the Plas Glyndwr flats in Bangor, was posted by county councillor Chris O’Neal on Facebook and prompted a huge reaction on social media.

We are told that the needle has since been disposed of by a member of staff from housing association Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG). We can only hope that all of the others are retrieved and disposed safely, without risk of injury to members of the public or staff.

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