US Air Force sharps?

Needle with drop of bloodBy chance, we have come across a note circulated by the 412th Medical Group across the US Edwards Air Force base concerning safe disposal of personal sharps.

No doubt the base has a medical unit, and I presume that this will deliver most inpatient and outpatient/GP care for servicemen and their families, and possibly for some civilian workers also.

So the note is surprising. Do they need to be told not to put used needles etc into the trash? The information is brief and to the point (no pun intended). It gives good advice, and is obviously intended to enhance health & safety by prevention of sharps injury from carelessly discarded sharps.

But I can’t help wondering why this is necessary. Presumably, there have been one of more incidents, injuries or near misses.

There can’t be that many insulin dependent diabetics among the workforce, and probably far fewer than in the general community since insulin dependent diabetes might preclude Air Force employment.

So just what are the rest of them injecting?

Perhaps it is legitimate and perhaps not. If the latter, I do hope that those concerned are not allowed to do anything important, like fly planes, drop bombs or carry guns!



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