GP storage of healthcare wastes

GP clinics produce generally only small quantities of healthcare wastes. However, the increasing use of embedded community health services intended to ease the burden on hospital outpatient departments can increase waste outputs.

We have noted previously that clinical (healthcare) waste management has been and remains a focus for CQC inspections, and is often a good indicator of problems elsewhere.

This is likely to become a big issue, with GP and other community practices, dentists, etc, required to provide suitable locked storage for their wastes.  This might be a cupboard or external storage compound, or a locked Eurocart chained to an outside wall. Fire Regs must be considered, to ensure that the location and condition of waste storage is suitable.

Contractors must ply their part, and provide only carts with locks in fully working condition. There are still many carts going out to customers with non-working or absent locks.




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