Family shocked by needle find on beach

At this time of year, with the UK battered by storms the thought of enjoying a day on the beach seems a long way off. And so it is, for those lucky Australians who can enjoy Christmas at Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

But for one family this turned to shock when they discovered a syringe and needle in the sand. Their family stroll along the beach looking for shells and playing in the sand was marred when they pulled a used syringe from the shoreline just metres away from dozens of holidaymakers and young children.

They stumbled across the syringe, protruding from the waterline at the southern end of the beach with a long, but bent, needle dangerously hidden in the sand. They placed the syringe into a plastic cup and continued walking to adjoining Nobby’s Beach where they disposed of the syringe in a public bin.

Carelessly discarded sharps are a global nuisance and nowhere seems free of this particular problem. But sharps discarded in deep leaf litter, in long grass, in snow or in the sand are particularly problematic, difficult to find, and even more difficult to retrieve safely. Those discarded in long grass or in sand can be especially dangerous since these are locations where children might play barefoot, with predictably disastrous consequences.





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