Kuwait to open 5 new medical waste incinerators

The Ministry of Health of Kuwait has established a special department for medical waste treatment encompassing two divisions, one that deals with incinerators’ issues and the other with follow up and training, said a ministry official.

The remarks by the Head of the department of medical waste contracts, Ghanim Al-Sabeeh, were made during a seminar on evaluating the quality of terminating medical waste, hosted by the Audit Bureau.
The follow up division is specialized in training Kuwaitis via local and abroad workshops on maintenance, he noted. The ministry is planning to close ten old incinerators nearby hospitals, except the one near the psychiatric hospital and opening two in the north and three in the south instead, the official said.
Meanwhile, he noted that the ministry is facing some difficulties in the process of terminating medical waste, including the lack of spacious areas to establish new incinerators and the delay in receiving waste from the source itself, that is hospitals and health clinics.
The seminar is part of the eighth meeting of the Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI), hosted by the Audit Bureau.
Good luck to all. This seems like the start of a well thought out approach to healthcare waste management.
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