New recycling plant for Dundee

In a news report describing plans for a recycling plant to be established on the site of a former Dundee school there is but one interesting claim, that the site will accept clinical waste?

Of course, few if any community recycling sites will touch clinical wastes – I know of one only, and they will take offensive/sanitary waste in extremis, for those who have not yet got proper arrangements for doorstep collections.

But why is this so rare, that community recycling sites accept at least some fractions of clinical waste. The obvious solution would be for sharps, presented face to face in a sealed approved ISO standard sharps bin.  This would allow staff to check that the sharps are packaged correctly, and perhaps issue replacement sharps containers as required, while ensuring sharps are not ‘dumped’ inappropriately.

This would reduce the burden to Local Authorities in occasional domiciliary clinical waste (sharps) collections, and may ease disposal for regular sharps users such as insulin-dependent diabetics.

Everyone wins. So, what’s the problem?





  1. Our good friend Paul Donaldson has been in touch, to tell us that he has heard nothing of this and there has been nothing in the local press, apart obviously from this report that appeared today in The Evening Telegraph, the Dundee regional evening newspaper.

    An inaccurate and exaggerated news report perhaps, or the first breaking news about which we might hear more soon. Time will tell.

    If you hear anything more about this, please do leave a Comment or get in touch



  2. News today, Friday, from our good friend Steven Greene who tells us that this proposed “recycling site” is on the site of Park Place Primary, opposite Dundee University. It’s the University that want to build it.

    Thanks Steven


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