GW Butler diversification and growth

Yorkshire waste management companies GW Butler and 707 Resource Management have joined forces in a partnership deal to pursue a national expansion plan.
Otley-based waste and recycling management specialist 707 Resource Management will work with GW Butler in a five-year partnership which aims to offer a one-stop shop waste management service.

The agreement sees 707 Resource Management handling the output of GW Butler’s general waste and recycling collections throughout the UK, when required as part of a contract, in addition to GW Butler’s clinical waste services. Additionally they are providing consultancy in legislation, online reporting and accurate and precise documentation.

The deal has also enabled GW Butler to acquire a technologically-advanced waste processing plant in Rainham, Essex, which has trialled technology that allows waste material to be sterilised, processed and subsequently turned into refuse derived fuel (RDF) for use in heavy industry, through channels sourced by 707 Resource Management. The plant currently processes 10 tonnes of clinical waste every day.

By the end of the year, it is expected that each of the company’s three plants, which also include Bradford and Nottingham, will all be able to convert waste material to RDF, diverting it from landfill or incineration.

This is a sound use of waste management resources that is both environmentally and financially sound, providing an effective waste management option for a diverse range of producers. It is to be hoped that regulators do not raise artificial barriers to this diversification.

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