1,000+ posts on the updated Clinical Waste Discussion Forum

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum tops 1,000

Some of our visitors may have noticed already, but just a few days ago we topped 1,000 posted since restructuring of the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum in September 2010.

Some funny; some deadly serious. Most posts have been informative, inquiring, instructive, questioning and challenging, reporting on issues central to the safe management of clinical wastes. Some have concerned regulatory of business issues, others more practical matters, to share best practice, news, views and opinions.

There have even been a few posts to pass the time over coffee or use as a training aid.

In addition to this, as some of our regular and long-standing visitors will be aware, the Archive section containing and additional 1,500+ posts. This goes way back to September 2006. Though it contains much in the way of news information contemporaneous to the date of posting, this remains a valuable archive of information that might provide the answer you are looking for.

Regrettably, the Archive section of the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum is not included in the site search system, and now probably never will be. But as just 3 subsections, it is quite easy to search using the Ctrl+F word search function of Internet Explorer or one of the other web browsers.

We have a small number of registered users on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, and a modest number of others who choose to leave a comment (only registered users can start their own thread, but anyone can post a comment). Feel free to add your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms etc.

There is always a healthy stream of emails coming to us, referring to issues that have appeared in the Forum or informing us of things that might be helpful or interesting to others. If you want, that’s fine and we will do the rest. But do feel free to engage fully with the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. It’s here for everyone interested in, concerned about or affected by any aspect of clinical waste generation, packaging, handling, transport and storage, treatment and beyond, covering the entire disposal chain from [before] the point of production to [beyond] final destruction.



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