Detroit warehouse fire engulfs clinical wastes

A burning Detroit warehouse filled with medical (clinical) waste has been linked to medical problems in those living nearby.

With dramatic footage of the fire, reports that the warehouse held [some] clinical wastes might seem rather strange. Stranger still when listening to the few reports of alleged ill-health that seem most unlikely to be associated with the presence of clinical wastes and more likely associated with a smart claims agent and others seeking a quick payoff.

Not surprisingly, some of those living nearby are suffering some asthma symptoms. It’s hardly likely to be associated with the presence of [some] clinical wastes – Look at the fire, and the smoke!



Ever more strange is the details revealed in the news report, of a guy receiving clinical wastes and shipping it is a regular hire box van – keep your eyes left of the screen and see the unsuitability of the vehicle – then storing it in a garage and in successive buildings including this warehouse.

Regrettably, none of this is unknown, and Blenkharn Environmental has dealt with each of those situations, though back in the days of LWRA. No longer does that happen here, thanks perhaps to better regulation and regulatory oversight, but also – perhaps more so – to a higher professionalism and pressure from the larger, and better equipped operators managing their services to the highest standards.

There is no longer any room for the small guy with a van, prepared to cut corners and ignore standards, and rightly so.

But that aside, how good are your fire precautions?


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And by the way – to the lady with cellulitis on the tip of her nose, who is presumably looking forward to a claim for compo and trying to link this to burning clinical wastes, as one of many items that would have been engulfed in the warehouse fire. We would suggest simply that she stops picking!



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