Kenya to dispose clinical waste using polythene fuel

Innovators in Kenya have taken a great step forward in the management of waste plastics, using technologies that provide fuel with which to incinerate clinical wastes.

Still in its early stages, Kenyan scientists have made the first attempt to generate fuel from polythene to be used for medical (clinical) waste disposal. Working with university students, they have figured an eco-friendly way in which polythene can be burnt at very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen to generate diesel as the end product.

“The students are using a technology that smelts polythene at high temperatures and separates about ninety per cent into diesel”. “What we are doing currently is testing this source of energy with a few operators.”

Hospitals, he says, are among the operators targeted for pilot tests, where the diesel will be used for medical waste incineration, instead of electricity and biomass.

“We are having discussions with hospitals near slums where most of the polythene will be collected.”

What a fantastic development, providing an environmentally sound disposal route for waste polythene, to produce a fuel that can be used to drive a clinical waste incinerator.

Clearly, this is a development, and potential investment opportunity, to watch closely.

Congratulations to all involved.



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