How safe are drugs waste while in your charge?

All clinical waste companies will receive pharmaceutical wastes in either small amount of larger quantities if serving hospitals offering a extensive pharmacy and drug manufacture/formulation services.

Drug waste may be scattered among other wastes in generally small and random quantities, of in larger containers, sharps bins of rigid waste bins. This drug waste will often be labelled as such, and is an easy target for those with nefarious intent. Are those drugs secure while in your charge?

Several cases have been reported in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum of staff pilfering of drug wastes from their work premises, adding to the many similar cases of hospital, pharmacy and ambulance personnel, and addicts, pilfering from drug stocks or from wastes.

A Missoula, Montana man is the latest who is added to this considerable list. This A 27-year-old has been sentenced to more than four years in prison for his role in a scheme in which prescription medications were stolen from a medical waste disposal company and were subsequently sold. He had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Sometimes, its just too easy, and waste management companies need to address this security issue as one case might jeopardise permitting and see contracts terminated without notice. That is the real penalty for failure to manage waste security.


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