When take back becomes take!

We are well aware of drug take-back schemes, widely used in US and elsewhere to encourage safe disposal of unwanted prescription and other medications that might otherwise enter the domestic waste stream or be flushed down the toilet. Regrettably, in the UK it just doesn’t happen and that is a great shame.

But it doesn’t always go well. In Northampton, Mass, Northampton’s Solid Waste Management Director was charged this week with drug charges.

Kathy Bouquillon was holding a sharps collection at Saturday’s Drug Take Back event on April 27th, and got a bit too involved in her work when take back became simply take!

A day later, she was arrested after she struck a tree with her car. The Court heard how she had numerous drugs in her car that were not prescribed to her following charges of possession of drugs, OUI (operating under the influence) and possession of a can of unregistered pepper spray.




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