Vet hospital accuses Stericycle of overcharging

After being accused of systematically overcharging governmental agencies, a veterinary hospital in Pennsylvania is accusing Stericycle Inc. of doing the same to private companies.

The lawsuit accuses the medical waste giant of overcharging customers by simply automatically raising prices outside of an agreed contract, the same practice that spawned a 2008 lawsuit against the company that recently was unsealed in federal court.

Cochranton Veterinary Hospital in Pennsylvania filed the lawsuit earlier in March as a class action lawsuit.

This seems to be a widespread problem, and those considering a contract with any supplier of goods and services, including but not restricted to waste management services, should scan the small print with a fine toothed comb. Professional guidance may be advisable. Keep a detailed record and not any failures, on either side, that can trigger penalties. Most importantly, keep a very careful diary note of renewal dates since these frequently roll-over automatically, leaving producers stuck in a perpetual cycle of automatic contract extensions.

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