Merry Christmas

It now seems that the Mayan prophecy turned out to be wrong, and the world really didn’t end yesterday.XMasLogo

So now that we can all start to relax again and get on with things, perhaps it is the time to thank all those who have taken the time to read the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum entries over the years, and wish you well in whatever galactic maelstrom we are now destined for.

And while we are on the subject, here’s a loud Bah Humbug! to the cadre of spammers who continue to take every opportunity to spoil this Forum with attacks which now, thankfully, are universally unsuccessful after the extensive rewrite of the Forum architecture [should I really say that, and tempt fate?].

We are constantly bombarded with spam attacks of one kind and another, from infected computers around the world. Perhaps these need a virus check right now?

Merry Christmas to those who might celebrate it, and happy holidays to all of the others, and a very happy and successful New Year to everyone. The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum will continue to provide information and ideas, as an eye opener, an ideas exchange, a news source and hopefully at times an amusement to anyone interested in, involved with, or affected by the management of clinical wastes or other healthcare wastes, from their generation to final disposal.

Blenkharn Environmental will continue to offer a range of exciting, science-based and research-led services extending across the range of healthcare and related waste services, from bedside to final disposal, incorporating matters of sharps- and more general bio-safety and hygiene, waste identification, assessment and classifications. Additionally, and with an extensive practice in medico-legal and related matters, services include guidance on healthcare-associated infections, infection prevention and control, occupational infections and exposures, and expert witness reports and briefings extending to more detailed technical investigations, planning and licensing, training, audit and safety assessments, representing clients in planning & licensing applications and appeals, in litigation and investment as well as more individual pre-litigation advice. Whatever you need – advice on a one-off basis, or on-going specialist support – expert assistance is at hand.

No prior registration is required to use the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, though we do recommend it. We hope to provide a unique interface between producers of clinical wastes, scientific, nursing and other special interest groups, equipment manufacturers, waste management companies, representatives of government and government agencies, and all others with an interest in this field. The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum is, and will continue to be, an open book.


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