Taking your work home

In the UK, regulation of tissue waste retention, storage and disposal is very tightly controlled under the Human Tissue Act 2004. Elsewhere, regulation is not so tight but with a retained organs scandal in the US, of tissues including limbs, organs etc of US army fatalities coming to attention over the last year no doubt we will hear more of this in years to come.

As part of the controls on tissue retention, many universities and teaching hospitals had to clear out their collections of normal and diseased organs, mostly preserved as museum pieces and a valuable resource for medical education. But a case in America suggests that one doctor had taken this far too far.

“Dr. Michael Berkland, a former associate medical examiner for Okaloosa and  Walton counties, was arrested Friday in connection with keeping human remains in  a rented storage unit.

“He was charged with a felony for improper storage of hazardous waste and with  a misdemeanor for keeping a public nuisance, according to the state attorney’s  office.

“The arrest comes three weeks after about 111 organs and organ specimens were  found in a Pensacola storage unit rented to Berkland in April 2009.

It brings a whole new dimension to the idea of taking your work home with you!


Read more:  http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/berkland-52198-charge-storage.html#ixzz2636CNGs2







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