Complaints in Camden….again

Many UK cities now have the benefit of FixMyStreet to report problems to Local Authorities and other agencies concerning issues such as graffiti, waste management problems, fly tipping, noise, highways issues etc.

Camden has a report posted against it, relating to several yellow waste sacks piled carefully but quite inappropriately in a street close to St Pancras .

Perhaps because of action by Camden Council, though perhaps not, the waste is reported as collected but of course it shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

This isn’t the first time clinical wastes have been reported on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum on the streets of Camden, and no doubt we barely scratch the surface of problems such as this which are never effectively managed and recur with monotonous frequency.

With sites such as FixMyStreet, the community is now able to document such waste management failures far more easily than ever before. It would be incredibly helpful if the report database could be analysed in time, to properly scale this widespread problem. A good idea though time consuming, but for obvious reasons one that may never see the light of day. The results would be too embarrassing.


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