Syringe pens……again!

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has reported widespread concern about these novelty syringe pens that too easily can be mistaken by children for the real thing. A small wound, a hysterical mother and a trip to A&E  with a child that describes what seems to be a blood-filled syringe can result in blood tests and an anxious wait for the all clear.

Syringe PenMaking matters worse, several waste management companies have used these pens, overprinted with company name, as corporate gifts, and several medical supplies companies sell the pens as a novelty, complete with a lanyard version as a special gift item for nurses!

See our Forum Archive files and this post from 2008 for some background information.

But the problem continues. There is presently concern in Burnley that these syringe pens are on sale, and in Glenrothes similar public concern has persuaded the vendor – a national chain – to remove syringe pens from the shelves.

That is far from the end of the issue, as these syringe pens are freely available elsewhere, and from many web sources.

Thus far we have seen syringe [ball point] pens and propelling pencils. Now we have highlighters, a luxury pen version from ‘Goodies for Nurses’, and a new twist, the tube of ointment version!



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