Stericycle Announces SafeShield™ Medical Waste Containers

Stericycle, Inc. has announced its new SafeShield™ antimicrobial medical waste containers, a line of high-quality, standardized containers specifically designed for the storage and transport of regulated medical waste (RMW).

Compared to Stericycle’s current containers, this new line of containers provides customers with an improved design, better storage options and an additional level of protection to help combat the growth of microorganisms on RMW containers.

Stericycle previously began rolling out the containers to select U.S. markets and has planned a phased national rollout.

“Our SafeShield™ medical waste containers are designed to meet our customers’ needs as RMW generators,” commented Cory White, chief commercial officer at Stericycle. “The safe and efficient management of RMW helps hospitals and healthcare systems run more effectively. Through continued innovation and investment, Stericycle aims to provide safe, responsible and sustainable products and services that help healthcare organizations protect the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve, so they can focus on what matters most– patients.”

The new SafeShield™ containers include features such as:

  • Antimicrobial Properties: SafeShield™ containers are exclusively equipped with Cupron®, a copper-based antimicrobial additive to help prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew, which can reduce odors and increase cleanliness. The containers also have a smooth interior finish with built-in drainage ports for easy cleaning.
  • Improved Design: These new, reusable RMW containers have an integrated lid that closes securely and eliminates lid misplacement. These containers are also nestable and stackable, enabling Stericycle drivers to load and transport more containers at one time.
  • Durability: SafeShield™ containers have reinforced handles to help withstand heavy loads. The split lid also securely locks and includes a tie area for added security during storage and transport.

Over the next several years, Stericycle will simplify its container portfolio and work with customers to transition from their current containers to the new models, ultimately aiming to reduce its line of more than 150 containers to less than 20. In 2021, approximately 75,000 new SafeShield™ containers were delivered to customers. In 2022, Stericycle plans to ship approximately 290,000 SafeShield™ containers to customers across the U.S. with an additional phased roll-out to follow. As the new containers are introduced in the marketplace, Stericycle will recycle as many of the decommissioned containers as possible to help reduce landfill waste.

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