Locals worry about recycling plant’s plans to incinerate clinical waste

Some St Ives residents are unhappy about potentially toxic chemicals that could be pumped from the incinerator stack of a new and innovative clinical waste incinerator.

A recycling plant near St Ives is planning to build a clinical waste incinerator, raising concerns from residents about air pollution. Envar Composting, which currently only processes organic waste at its site in Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire, has applied to build the UK’s first commercial Dry Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant which will be heated by burning clinical waste.

The company says its ‘small-scale energy recovery facility’ (HERF) is a green solution to the problem of healthcare waste – exacerbated during the pandemic – but locals are unhappy about the pollutants which may be released in the process.

This seems like a really good concept, and rather misplaced criticism from residents.

More at: St Ives: Locals worried about recycling plant’s plans to incinerate toxic medical waste – Cambridgeshire Live (cambridge-news.co.uk)

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