Hundreds of discarded hypodermic needles reported across Dundee and Angus

More Germans get into drugs, but fewer die of heroin | News | DW |  26.03.2012Hundreds of used needles are being found by shocked locals in Dundee and Angus every year as drug-related anti-social behaviour leaves residents living in fear. Data shows around 95% of the 621 needles found last year were located in Dundee.

Most of the paraphernalia was recorded in the Hilltown, Whitfield, Lochee, the City Centre, and Stobswell. The vast majority in Angus are in Arbroath and Forfar with none found in Carnoustie or Monifieth.

Drug abuse in public spaces has been an issue for years throughout many areas in Dundee. This is regularly highlighted at the city’s multis and in communal areas in tenement blocks. In one recent case, a group of residents at a block in Lochee said they were left fearing for their safety on a daily basis.

Substance abusers are regularly taking over the communal stairwell and the residents have struggled to prevent them from gaining access.

Advice on finding drug litter

Over 600 needles were found in Dundee and 45 in Angus last year.

A spokesperson for Dundee City Council said: “The Dundee Community Safety Partnership has a drugs related litter group to deal with the problem of used needles and other drugs waste inappropriately disposed of in the city.

“It works to reduce the amount of needle litter by identifying problem areas through reports received about discarded needles. These areas are then targeted to raise awareness and identify the people responsible so they can be educated on the best way to dispose of their used needles safely.

“No one should attempt to lift a discarded needle themselves.

“A single point of contact phone number can be used 24 hours a day for a rapid response to remove the potential danger. It is 01382 433063.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “To report a syringe which has been discarded outside call ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 giving its location.

“We will collect and dispose of the syringe as soon as possible within working hours. Out of hours and at the weekend please contact Police Scotland on 101.”

Advice on finding needles in Angus and Dundee is available online. 

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