Europol warns of raids on hospital waste to sell used coronavirus masks

Criminals raiding hospital waste to sell used coronavirus masks on the blackmarket is a major threat in Europe, a new report Europol has revealed.

Europol says there has been a “boom” in the sale of counterfeit masks and medicines related to Covid-19 and new criminal sellers appear on a daily basis.

It is warning there will be an increase in counterfeit sales as more European countries make wearing masks in public compulsory.

But one of the major threats facing the continent is the trafficking of used Covid-19 hospital waste, it says in a specialist report focusing on coronavirus criminality in Europe.

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So, when do we expect HSE, the Environment Agency and others to put their foot down with regard to healthcare waste security? Its left in the far corner of the hospital carpark, just outside the door at many of the smallest one man band GP surgeries, piercers, solons etc, and on the pavement outside domicillary patients’ homes.

Don’t hold your breath. Doing as little as possible is cheap and easy, and if that later proves to be wrong for sure it will be someone else’s fault.

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