Hospital like set of horror movie

“Dr George Mukhari hospital in Ga-Rankuwa resembles the set of a cheap horror movie.
Monkeys stealing food out of patients hands, stray cats eating medical waste that has been tossed into open gutters, bloodied sheets, scrubs and gurneys stained with vomit and body fluid and staff treating patients with total disdain and contempt seem to be business as usual.

An obvious horror story, and one we believe could not happen here in the UK. But in fact we are not too far away from that. I visited a major London hospital earlier this week and noted several feral cats in the clinical waste storage area – actually, it was part of the car park separated with some Heras fencing panels. There were four or five cats, who were obviously finding something to attract them.

And last week, I was at a waste contractor’s premises that was alive with cockroaches. that this infestation was being exported to its client premises.likely, both full and empty, and it seemed EurocartsThey were in many


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