Clinical waste and needles dumped along Humber

A concerned lady says she is disgusted after seeing the amount of waste dumped along the Humber, which included “used tattoo needles”.

She took the shocking images (below), which show rubbish she found along the Humber at the bottom of Brickyard Lane, North Ferriby.

She took the images on Friday and reported what she had seen to East Riding Council via its website, which she says has a great online reporting process where she could upload photos. [But will they actually do anything?]

There are an awful lot of filled orange sacks, and I would think it unlikely that they have all accumulated from a single tattoo parlour. If the Council is serious, these orange sacks need a closer examination, under carefully controlled conditions to avoid and accident or the spread of contamination, in the hope that the nature of their contents will narrow down the search for their origin, if not those who dumped them.

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