Gloves for hospital porters

Following up on a recent “expose” in which hospital porters were said to be handling clinical wastes without gloves – or were they – is another and more detailed report, this time in the Daily Mirror and entitled ‘Gloveless staff ‘disposed of clinical waste’ at hospital where babies died from infection‘.

Having questioned the content of the blue sacks being carried without gloves, and making clear that the first report did not should anyone carrying a clinical waste sack or bin, the Daily Mirror jumps onto the same bandwagon. Beneath the lurid headline and shock horror report, the same photograph is reproduced and indeed a porter is carrying blue sacks while bare handed.

As if intent on shooting themselves in the foot with their journalistic skills, the next photograph, reproduced below, shows the feared orange clinical waste sack, carried by the same man while WEARING GLOVES! So, what’s the problem?


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