Girl finds dirty needles in Worthing park

A four-year-old girl stumbled across a pile of syringes, vials and other drug paraphernalia while playing hide and seek in Tarring Park.

Her Mum said she was playing with her daughter during the afternoon of October 1 when they made the gruesome discovery. She collected the implements and took them to her GP, to be told she could only dispose of them through Worthing Borough Council’s clinical waste disposal scheme.

We should wonder what the GP Surgery response would be to health protection, in this situation and otherwise. There is every reason to believe that if there is no money in it for them, they simply don’t care which is now a regrettably common situation. They should hang their heads in shame.

It would be worth a try taking them to a local pharmacy but chances are that wouldn’t be welcome either. As always, the best and most appropriate course of action is to leave them where they are, to call the Local Authority and report them. But then, don’t hold your breath as Local Authority response times are very unpredictable though more often than not rather tardy!


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