New machine cleans and recycles used syringes

A US news report highlights Sterilis, a new device that sterilizes and recycles used syringes. Manufacturing Vice President for Sterilis, Tony Batalha showed Western Mass News what the machine is all about.

Sterilis is a large, 1,300 pound machine that grinds medical waste, specifically syringes and dialysers into tiny pieces that can be recycled within 45 minutes.

Companies normally pick up medical waste which is then incinerated and dropped in a landfill, but Sterilis aims to go green.

75 machines are already in action worldwide, and there are two dozen here in the Commonwealth.

“Dialysis clinics, we have them in clinical labs, we have them in surgery centers, we have them in syringe exchange programs,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mike Ferris.

The device couldn’t have come at a better time for Springfield while a new needle exchange program is in place to help those struggling with addiction.

Ferris said he has a family member dealing with addiction right now, and feels Sterilis can help by giving clean recycled needles to those fighting addiction.

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