Shopping trolley used to transport Sanifem bins from supermarket

Two mothers claim shoppers’ groceries are at risk of contamination after footage appears to show Morrisons trolleys being used to transport bins for used sanitary products.

One of the Mums claims the Personal Hygiene Services worker loaded his van after wheeling the trolley through Morrisons in Isle of Sheppey, Kent, as customers shopped.

The footage shows a driver wearing gloves to protect himself but carrying the sanitary product bins in a trolley apparently intended for customers at the store.

The mother-of-three claims after loading his van on Friday, the driver then returned the trolley to be used by shoppers – without attempting to disinfect it.

Another claims to have spotted the same driver doing a similar thing at an Asda in Sittingbourne yesterday.

The witnesses claim that the employee’s actions are putting unsuspecting customers at risk, who may find their food and young children exposed to the unwashed trolleys.

She said: ‘He has crossed the line. I was just nipping in to buy lunch for my partner so it was on the off chance that I was sitting there.

‘The thought of young babies sitting in the seats is awful.

‘They could be teething and they love biting the handles or sticking their hands in their mouth and all those germs are on the trolleys.

‘I have three children and they have all probably sat in one of those trolleys in the past.

‘Kids could pick up all kinds of germs such as E.coli. There’s a reason bodily fluids are usually disposed of so carefully.

‘The man himself had gloves on so he obviously realised how dangerous it is to cross-contaminate with these fluids, but he didn’t seem to care. He was not playing to the rules – it’s worrying.

‘These trolleys are in contact with food and other household products so it can be really dangerous.

‘When I go and do the big shop I will be constantly thinking about what I saw and will have to take some antibacterial wipes with me.’

On Monday, just days after PHS had assured worried shoppers on social media that ‘drivers should be using service trolleys that [they] provide’ and a member of staff from the company would visit that evening to disinfect the trolleys, another woman claims to have witnessed the same man transporting sanitary bins to his van.

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