Three-quarters of councils collect residents’ clinical waste

Three-quarters of local authorities in England collect clinical waste from residents’ homes, a survey has found.

The Local Government Association (LGA) received responses from 121 English councils to its Clinical Waste Survey 2016, carried out in September.

Some 76% of respondents said they collected clinical waste from residents’ homes. Just over half (51%) of these had contracted out the service.

The average cost of collecting the material was £42,000, with the average disposal cost of £19,000.

Most respondents did not collect clinical waste from anywhere other than residents’ houses, but some offer services to nursing homes, clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

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This seems rather good, until you consider quality over quantity. Regrettably, while the LGA data show that around 75% of Local Authorities are collecting clinical wastes they conveniently overlook the realty, that so many are performing this task rather badly.

In some cases, as reported in our clinical waste surveys,  the standard of performance is so bad it would be appropriate to expect some regulatory intervention in order to improve standards and safety. We are still waiting for that!

see Local Authority Clinical Waste audit 2011

and Clinical wastes in the community – Local Authority management of clinical wastes from domestic premises



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