Sharps injury on Tenby beach

Needle with drop of bloodDiscarded needles are always dangerous, but never more so when they are discarded into long grass or soft sand. They disappear from view, ready to stab those walking barefoot on the beach or in the park.

Dyfed-Powys Police issued a warning to beach-goers in Tenby to remain vigilant. This follows an incident on South Beach where a female stood on a hypodermic needle, stabbing her in the foot. She reported to hospital for examination.

PCSO Andrew Griffiths said: “This type of incident is not common in Tenby so there is no need for disproportionate alarm, but following this incident, we have a duty to warn others to be vigilant. If anyone finds a hypodermic needle, please do not touch it and call the council to arrange collection.

“It is the responsibility of those in possession of such needles to dispose of them appropriately. We will be linking in with local drug treatment agencies to make sure anyone on a needle exchange programme is reminded of the appropriate way to dispose of used needles.”

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