Children and needles – an unhealthy attraction?

It is depressingly common to find discarded needles and syringes along with other drug paraphernalia in areas accessible to children. Worst of all are the needles discarded in childrens’ playgrounds, in school grounds, in the park, and on the beach.

Though we have reported many individual cases previously, another two will keep the concern on the agenda, as many other such cases appear and pass without comment or action to prevent recurrence:

Mum’s six-month horror wait to see if little Charlie has disease after she picked it up collecting twigs on her way to see her siblings.

A three-year-old girl is feared to have HIV after she pricked herself in the face with a discarded syringe – but her family won’t know for sure for six months.

Little Charlie’s mother, Lynsey Brown, said she is concerned that her daughter may have contracted the virus when she jabbed the needle into her chin after picking it up in a primary school playground.

As they reached the gate, Charlie picked up a needle with a lid, which she removed and jabbed into her face.

And now the family faces an agonising wait to find out if she has HIV.


Mum’s anxious wait for HIV test results after daughter stands on needle in Derby park.

A Derby mum is facing an anxious wait to see if her nine-year-old daughter has contracted HIV or hepatitis after accidentally stepping on a hypodermic needle in a city park.
The mum, who does not wish to be named, said it was inevitable that something like this would happen in Rykneld Recreation Ground because “people have been complaining about drug-users there for ages and nothing gets done about it”.
And she also claims that neither Derby City Council nor Derbyshire Police have reacted to complaints from residents either before the incident involving her daughter or since.
But both the police and council have hit back saying that they check the park frequently and it is part of daily patrols. In the last few days, since the Derby Telegraph contacted the council about the issue, some of the lower branches of trees have been removed.

Children seem to have an unhealthy attraction to needles. Let’s hope both children, and all others, are OK.




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