drug litter

Motel needlestick horror

A Texas woman was treated at Cumberland Medical Center’s emergency room after lying down in bed and then being stuck in the hand by a used syringe, according to police […]

Clinical waste is usually sent for disposal without delay and there is every chance that Roger Clemens, a US baseball pitcher otherwise known as “Rocket” wished that disposal was indeed prompt! […]

The estimated rate of BBV transmission after sharps injury is widely publicised. For Hepatitis B Virus infections the risk is around 30%, for Hepatitis C 3% and for HIV infections around 0.3% risk. […]

Syringe Pen

What is this? It looks genuine. Even the package looks convincing and seen in some general waste or on a picking line could bring things to a standstill. Last updated: […]

Local Authorities have a statutory obligation to collect discarded sharps and related hazardous waste items from public land. Audit of LA performance standardsidentifies a widely variable standard of operation, with some […]

Blenkharn Environmental has considerable experience in the audit and assessment of biosafety and hygiene precautions for waste handlers. Embracing safety enhancements for all of those involved in the generation of a diverse range […]

Discarded sharps

There are several legal and paralegal firms in the UK now getting wise to the high rate of sharps injury to healthcare professionals and others. They offer low-cost or no-win […]

We have previously reported in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum the case of a woman charged for throwing away a used hypodermic needle at a fast-food restaurant in Wollongong, New South Wales, which […]

We have been consistently critical of the poor response by Local Authorities to managing drug litter and of clinical wastes from the community. So, for a change, some good news!  Last […]

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD child received a needle-stick injury at a skate park at Brighton, on Hobart’s northern fringes, yesterday morning prompted a police warning to parents. Last updated: Thursday, December 21, […]

As the UK starts to shiver and snow falls, there is one aspect that impacts on clinical waste management and safety. Discarded sharps, usually a consequence of IV drug abuse, are […]