Well done, Somerset

We have been consistently critical of the poor response by Local Authorities to managing drug litter and of clinical wastes from the community.

So, for a change, some good news! 

“COUNCIL workers will swap stuffing for street cleaning and baubles for bin liners this Christmas Day to make sure South Somerset is kept spotless.

Seven street cleaners will patrol the area on Christmas morning to pick litter and sweep up from the seasonal festivities, while three staff will remain on call all day in case of emergency.

The council’s environment spokesman said: “We need to have everything covered, so in addition to the street cleaning team over the festive period, we have a team who stand on call to respond to the collection of stray dogs, broken glass or sharps and in case of an emergency such as the need for sandbag delivery or serious environmental health issue.


This is a very sensible response by a major Local Authority, and all the more so that they are publicising it. One of the most obvious problems with Local Authority servicesidentified in the on-going is the failure in information management, providing incorrect or incomplete information of their services.

see also Clinical_wastes_in_the_community_Local_Authority_management_of_clinical_wastes_from_domestic_premises.pdf

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